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JT on Hollywood United?
Hi Katy, this is a question for John. I saw today that there is a star-studded, musically talented soccer team, the Hollywood United, in
LA and wondered if John ever had played, since I know Simon is a big fan, I wondered if John was too. Thanks,
Michele, forever a
Durannie in PA.
“I had one practice session with them and almost had to have my leg amputated. Honestly, i really wish i could be a
member of that particular club, but i am perhaps too slight and sensitive to argy-bargy..!! JT”
~ posted  10-05-2007, U.S.A.
More on Barbarella
Hello boys. I recently had the chance to finally watch the very creative (but cheesy), sexy sci-fi film Barbarella. I didn't really know
much about the film, other than it starred the very sexy Jane Fonda and a character called Duran Duran. I've been a great fan of the
band since the wee age of 10 but never really heard why this name was chosen and who's idea was it first? I thought I would get some
sense of why once I saw the evil villain himself (Duran Duran) but I'm still stumped. Was there anything particular about this film and
the character? Stumped in Ottawa?.
“Oh pleez!.. it just sounded good. Different. I didn't think it was an ethical issue. And besides, didn't he invent the
orgasmatron?!! JT”
~ posted  09-21-2007, U.S.A.
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